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transcription software that helps you succeed
Incredible workflow features, industry-leading up-times, 
Microsoft Word integration, simple design and usability
Record Dictation
record dictations
dictation screen.png
dictation made easy 

Mobile App. Xelex Digital's easy-to-use mobile app lets users  create high fidelity, ultra-secure dictations in .WAV right from their mobile device. 

Telephone Call-In Dictation.  Over 40 million minutes of recorded dictation with up-times exceeding 99.95%. Dictations recorded in high-quality format for superior clarity.  Primary and back-up system redundancy for constant reliability. 

Hand-held recorders. Xelex Digital supports virtually any model of consumer and professional class hand-held digital recorders, including SpeechMike models. 

Drag-and-drop.  Drag audio files in virtually any format from your desktop into your on-line account for immediate upload. 

beautifully simple
document creation

Xelex Digital's use of Microsoft Word as its text editor reduces training from hours to minutes. 

Strip 3-1-beautifully simple.png

Microsoft Word-based productivity tools, such as text expanders and specialized dictionaries, are completely compatible with Xelex Digital.  

Industry-specific identifiers and metadata auto-populates into templates to accelerate the workflow and ensure accuracy.

transcribe & qa
WFM Screen.png
robust QA file

​Create automated QA routing rules on virtually any workflow scenario, and manually route individual or groups of files between QA resources as needed. 

On-screen messaging shows which files are in process process by transcriptionists and QA editors. 

All prior document iterations display to show changes made to documents during the QA workflow. 

simple, uncluttered
document review 

Xelex Digital simplifies document review and

management onto one uncluttered screen.  

Portal image.png

Open single or multiple documents in Microsoft Word with a mouse-click. On-screen icons show when documents have been opened, printed, faxed, e-signed and interfaced. 

Other document processing features include print, search, fax, archive, reject, interface and much more.  

review documents
intuitive & robust
e-sign workflow 

Xelex Digital uses Microsoft Word to give users a familiar tool for online document review, editing and e-signing. 

Xelex Digital's cloud-based architecture means clients can

review and e-sign from any secure location with internet. 

The system's robust design includes auto-distribution

(fax, print and interfacing) following e-signing.  

scalable, versatile document distribution

In-portal access.  Access documents immediately upon completion in Xelex Digital's cloud-base client account portal.  

Integrations.  Xelex Digital routinely writes auto-mated integrations into document management systems for real-time document exporting. 

File Download Feature.  Create automated downloads that run on a user-defined schedule with a customizable file-naming convention.  


Auto-faxing.  Xelex Digital averages over 200,000 pages faxed monthly for clients, with a  99.997%  success rate for outgoing faxes. 

customize display for any industry or use case

Every data display is editable at the client level -- columns, toolbar items, form inputs, menus

and sub-menus -- allowing users to see industry-relevant terms throughout the portal.

customize ui
WFM Screen.png
amazing visibility
into your workflow

Xelex Digital's Workflow Manager screen provides real-time visibility into every file in - in every stage - of the workflow. 

Visibility into over 40 different process data points

enables managers to make more informed decisions

that affect productivity and profitability.   

The Workflow Manager is also a workforce manager,

providing process data that help management set

staffing levels needed to meet turn-around times. 

manage workflow
powerful, flexible 
bill & pay settings

Create bill and pay settings from the broadest to the most granular level. 

Set bill and pay rates based on line, word, character, minute,  second, page and document.  Set count method definition based on various forms of gross, net, ASCII, and VBC (visual black character).  

Bill and pay rates and definitions can vary based on one or any combination of variables, such as Client, Author, Status, Document Type, turn-around, and Transcriptionist/Editor. 

Pay Line Settings_edited.png
ReportBuilder makes
hidden data visible

ReportBuilder empowers transcription organizations

to dig deeply into their process data.

gross margin - detailed view.png

ReportBuilder exposes over 100 different process variables within a simple drag-and-drop tool that lets users create powerful  custom reports in minutes.  

Process variables captured in ReportBuilder  include productivity metrics; production and financial reporting; costs and gross  margins;  and much more.   

analytics & reporting
create and distribute customized invoices

Create reports in ReportBuilder that auto-populate invoice details into templates of your design.  

Automate invoice details reports to run and distribute on a schedule of your choosing for auto-distribution to clients and transcription team members.  

Modify and update templates whenever needed, and store in your online account.

Billing Invoice.png
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