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technology built for
data protection
industry-leading up-times.  stringent security.  multi-level redundancies.  meticulous auditing.  powerful interfacing.   
Security - Audit Trail.png

audit trails.  All document accesses are captured on

two different audit trails, and include every document

iteration, every edit made, by whom, and when; and all

document accesses, access type, by whom, and when. 

data encryption.  All data is stored at 256 bit encryption,

and all passwords are stored in an encrypted format.    

up-to-date compliance. Xelex Digital's compliance documentation includes current attestations for SOC1

Type 2, SOC2 Type 2, HIPAA PCI-DSS Assessment, and

the ONC/HHS Security Risk Assessment Tool.


reliable uptimes.  Independent third-party auditor UpTimeSafe reports Xelex Digital up-times of 99.9+% for the last four years.   

fewer maintenance windows.  Xelex Digital had less than five scheduled maintenance windows in each of the last two years and no unscheduled windows.  

real-time system monitoring.  Continuous monitoring from 80+ different system health alerts enable proactive troubleshooting. 


infrastructure redundancy.  100% virtualized system

runs in a VMWare HA environment with automatic fail-over to other VM hosts in the cluster in the event of

a hardware failure.  

geographic redundancy. A fail-over instance of our entire infrastructure and database runs in an out-of-state data center for geographical redundancy.

database redundancy.  Primary database transaction

logs are sent every 30 minutes to the fail-over database

with a full backup performed once weekly.

telephony redundancy.  End-to-end dictation system redundancy, including primary and redundant phone vendors and primary and secondary phone servers.​​

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