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clear & reliable
call-in dictation
over 24 million minutes of telephone dictation recorded since 2006 with 99.998% success.
Clearer Audio
clearer audio means 
better transcription
Sound Waves

full fidelity.  Xelex Digital records every phone dictation in an uncompressed .WAV format for 

maximum clarity.   

solid state disk recording.  all call-in dictation is captured on solid state hard drives (SSDs), which reduces the potential for file distortion and missing data occurrences.   

painstaking attention to detail.  hundreds of iterations over 10+ years have hardened Xelex Digital's telephone software and infrastructure into a highly reliable call-in dictation system. 

superior reliability redundancy

call-in phone line redundancy.  Every client is given a primary and back-up call-in number, each from a different enterprise class business to business telephone services company  

geographic redundancy. Xelex Digital's entire 

system infrastructure is replicated at a disaster recovery data center in a separate state from the primary data center.  

software and hardware redundancy.  Primary and back-up call-in phone numbers connect to their own dedicated instances of our telephony software to reduce the risk of downtime. 

Superior Reliability
powerfully configurable 
on-prem or cloud
Strip 7-1-Over a Decade.png

emulates your current system.  Xelex Digital  emulates your current keypad commands, workflow prompts and even author IDs. 


automated identifier interface.  add your ADT or other automated identifier interface to enable authors to key in the patient identifier, work type and other key information. 

on-prem or cloud.  Xelex Digital's highly efficient telephone software runs on virtualized servers and can easily install on-prem.  Or, use our cloud solution with pay-per-use pricing. 

Powerfully Configurable
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